Escape the Night – Season 4 Trailer

Escape the Night – Season 4

23 min

Now showing: episode 8

Latest episode: 876

Country: United States

Actors: Alex WassabiColleen BallingerDeStorm PowerGabbie HannaJack O'Connor…Joey GraceffaJustine EzarikRosanna PansinoTana MongeauTimothy DeLaGhetto

Genres: Adventure, Fantasy, Game-Show

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Escape the Night - Season 4
Welcome to the town of Everlock! A fun carnivalesque town in 1978. However, the Carnival Master has a different plan. Joey, with a quest to return to life, must put nine more friends in danger. Encountering killer clowns, dolls with knives, and witches. Everlock needs saving, and Joey needs their help.

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